Specializing in pointing & flushing breeds

At East Coast Field Dog, we will work with you and your dog, so you learn as your pup does. We have private access to fields and birds so that you and your dog can learn together all the fundamentals.

  • Introduction to birds
  • Gun introduction
  • Use of check cord
  • Quartering
  • Heel
  • Recall
  • Whoa (stay)
  • Retrieving
  • Introduction to water
  • Use of birds
  • Pointing or flushing birds
  • Steady to wing
  • Steady to shot
  • Sit to flush
East Coast Field Dog

Training Your Dog

The essential part of any dog’s training is what you do when you first get your pup. It starts and sets the foundation for years to come. You will get to teach your dog all commands through verbal, whistle, and hand with us. We will also cover the pros and cons of the electronic dog collar.

Thinking about Getting a Bird Dog

Are you thinking about buying a hunting dog, trained or puppy, and not sure what breed would be best for you? We can help you select the right type of dog for you while there are many things to consider when purchasing a dog.